via Wkyc: Do you remember filling out job application after job application and waiting for someone to call you back? Those days could soon be in the past. A Cleveland-made app is changing the way young people apply for jobs and land an interview. “You kind of get, a lot of times, lost in communication,” […]

Kids today communicate differently. Textbooks and class notes are digital. Conversations happen through messaging and apps. Pictures and videos are shared in an instant. They have “friends” they’ve never actually met, and access to everything in the world on a device they hold in the palm of their hand. Technology is powerful. But it can […]

Several smartphone apps can lead predators right to your front door – no hacking necessary. On Monday, the Cleveland Division of the FBI warned parents to be vigilant in monitoring their children’s use of mobile apps. Authorities released new information today in the case of a little girl who was abducted in May, and an […]

  There are so many apps on the market, many of which are great for education. We’ve picked a few of our free favorites to help parents and students have a successful, organized school year. 1. DUOLINGO Learning a new language is no easy feat, especially when you take the summer off and forgot how […]

There are over 3 millions apps in the Apple and Google app stores, but which ones are the most useful? We’ve posed the question to readers on Facebook and Twitter this year, and the ones that routinely topped the charts for us are productivity apps. —Waze, the traffic routing app, was the overwhelming favorite, followed […]

It’s no secret that diabetes is a major illness among African-American people. According to the American Diabetes Association 4.9 million, or 18.7% of all African-Americans 20 years or older suffer from diabetes. The shocking news is that diabetes is 60% more common in African-Americans than in white Americans. African-Americans are twice as likely to suffer an amputation […]

  For parents, Spring Break is just a dry run for summer. Do you have enough activities to keep the kids occupied — in a guilt-free way — or will you have to end up at the public pool every single day? Will you be able to run errands without going absolutely nuts? If you […]

  It’s what you wished you had when you were a kid — apps on smart phones that can help with homework. Your kids have them in their hands. When ninth-grader Tyrone Barnes told his mom he was using his smart phone to study, “She just said what old people say… like ‘Technology is getting […]

It’s easy to make a New Year’s resolution. It’s difficult to keep one. But sticking with resolutions can happen with some digital help. Fitness often tops the list, and an app like RunKeeper can keep track of time and distance walked or run, and share milestones with friends. If a race is the goal for […]

If you’re like me, then you’re readying yourself for an epic night out of partying so hard, you’ll rival “The Hangover” and the sequel. Must…

Staying on track with kids isn’t always easy. Some days I feel like I’m running a carnival of sorts with my hectic schedule and zipping them from activity to activity. There’s a lot of juggling and pre-planning to keep you on the right path and if you’re at the end of your rope as it […]