Dr. Ian K. Smith is one of America’s leading authorities on weight loss, and he’s back with a new program. His latest book, SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet is described as “the answer to every dieter’s biggest dilemmas: How to lose that last twenty pounds? How to push through that frustrating plateau? What to do when nothing else is working?”

Smith, who is also known for Fat Smash Diet, Extreme Fat Smash, and The 4 Day Diet, explains that theSHRED program is different because the six week program introduces new concepts. caught up with the good doc to chat about his latest program.

On the Philosophy Behind SHRED

What molds SHRED are my three rules when it comes to dieting. The first rule is that dieting should not be expensive. The second rule is dieting should not be complicated. And the third rule is that dieting does not mean you have to eat perfectly. So SHRED follows those principles. It has two things that are quite different from others. The first thing is about meal spacing. This means in the SHRED program, you eat a meal every three to four hours. So you have four meals, and you have three snack options. By eating every three to four hours, you’re able to have your metabolism raised. You’re burning more calories. And you’re also able to keep your insulin levels nice and stable because spikes in insulin can cause weight gain. People get spikes in insulin when they only eat a couple times a day and they eat larger meals. So meal spacing is number one. Number two is something called diet confusion. And diet confusion says that if you change the type of food that you eat and you change the amount of calories you consume on a daily and weekly basis, you will keep your body off kilter and by keeping your body off kilter, you will keep your metabolism raised. So you can increase your metabolism and burn more calories by doing that.

On What Makes SHRED Different

Because SHRED is a more specific program, more detailed, meaning we outline all the meals you need to consume for six weeks and all the snacks that you have. And we give you plenty of options to accommodate if you’re a diabetic, a vegan, a vegetarian, have an allergy to a gluten or something else. So it’s a specific program with great flexibility. The second thing is that Fat Smash starts with a seven day detox and SHRED is a cleanse, but the cleanse comes towards the end of the six-week cycle. So you work your way up to the cleanse rather than have that dramatic shift, which intimidates a lot of people.

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