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If you’re a fan of following First Lady Michelle Obama’s style — and judging by the latest trend in arm-lift cosmetic surgery fueled by Mrs. O’s bicep-baring gowns, you are among many — there’s a new app for that.

Michelle’s Style List” promises to break down what the first lady is wearing to which events and where to buy the look.

The app was created by Style Lister, the same group behind an app following the fashion stylings of Kate Middleton, and claims it’s the “first and only app dedicated to Michelle Obama’s Style.”

Michelle’s Style List provides Press Association photos of Obama and retailer links to her clothes and accessories. Users can bookmark individual looks and search her wardrobe by season.

“Whenever she appears, where possible, you’ll get the info!” the app claims.

The price for that info is 99 cents from iTunes.

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