Speaking out a month after insisting she was wrongly arrested over money owed to an entertainment promoter, Christian evangelist Juanita Bynum has reached out to supporters online, encouraging them to stay strong through “trials and tribulation.”

“Greetings sons and daughters of the most (high) God,” Bynum wrote to her supporters Thursday. “It’s been a while, hope all has been keeping well.

“I’ve been busy with the work that I have been called for for [sic] so I could not post nor comment to anything on Facebook. But this day I just want to say don’t doubt or question what’s happening in your life cause thru trials and tribulations we gain strength so everything (surely) everything happens for a reason be blessed. To God all Glory and honor belongs to.”

The statement, accompanied by an image of a stone imprinted with the phrase “Everything Happens for A Reason…Just Believe,” was received by supporters with comments of “amen,” “keep on keeping on” and “stay encouraged.”

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article courtesy of TheChristianPost/Nicola Menzie

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