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The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team revealed that 11 people have turned their lives to Christ following another tornado tragedy in Oklahoma, which on Wednesday officials said has claimed the lives of 20 people.

“God sheltered them, then He saved them,” said Michael Glassey, an RRT crisis-trained chaplain from Riverside, Calif.

The U.S. was rocked by a number of tornado outbreaks in May, first in Texas that left six people dead, and then in Oklahoma two weeks ago where the death count reached 24, followed by yet another that hit the Oklahoma City area on May 31 and caused 20 deaths.

The RRT, which sent out relief groups, including chaplains, to the disaster-hit areas to offer physical and spiritual support to those affected by the storms, says that one positive thing from the tragedy is that at least 11 people have said that they will turn their lives to Christ.

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