Nothing can compare to the electricity, fully saturated with the smell of sweat, that permeates the air as men who tower over most of us battle head to head and hand to hand in search for nothing but net.

As the longest-acting chaplain for any NBA team, having served the 2011 NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks now for over three decades, I’ve become acutely familiar with the feel, smell, and taste of this atmosphere as if it were an extension of my own. It is both rousing and disarming at the same time. I love it. In fact when I am there, I grab it and hate to let it go.

One can’t help but recognize it as soon as you enter an arena. The air hangs thick with anticipation and hunger, consuming anyone who walks into the presence of the players and coaching staff. To say that passion dominates the mood would be an understatement. It is more like an urge, a pure ache for greatness.
When two teams make it to the NBA Finals, five men on the court from each side unapologetically seek to prove who is the best. They are men on a quest – men with one goal, and that goal is nothing short of declaring to the entire world their greatness. We witnessed this together with the Heat and the Spurs battling it out, even taking the sixth game into overtime.
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article courtesy of Tony Evans

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