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There are several places in the world where rates of chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, depression, and cancer are very low. According to Yahoo Health, in addition, many of the inhabitants of these areas have genetic or environmental factors that should put them at higher—not lower—risk for these illnesses.

So what’s their secret for great health??

Studies of places around the world where chronic diseases are rare reveal some surprisingly simple habits that can help you live an unusually long, healthy life.

So what are the secrets of some of the world’s healthiest people?

Copper Canyon, Mexico: Diabetes
Although rates of type 2 diabetes are soaring at an alarming rare in Mexico—and the US—this lifestyle-related disease is almost unknown among the more than 50,000 Tarahumara Indians who live in Copper Canyon. Yet the Tarahumara Indians are close genetic relatives of the Pima Indians of the US, who have the highest rates of type 2 in the world.

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