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Movement Day, the brainchild of New York City Leadership Center and Redeemer City-to-City, seeks to bring Christian leaders to inspire and challenge one other as they figure out how to live life and lead in an urban context. The Christian Post is highlighting five leaders, who will be presenting at the conference in New York City today whose work has or is already doing just that.

1. Katherine Alsdorf – Twitter

Alsdorf founded the Center for Faith and Work (CFW) or “cultural renewal arm” of the New York City-based Redeemer Presbyterian Church in 2002 and served as its Executive Director for the next 10 years.

The CFW’s mission seeks not only to change the worldview of New York City’s workforce but also to connect people to one another who can challenge and inspire one another to make the city better on behalf of the common good.

Alsdorf has said, “The gospel story of work says that we’re made to work. And the reason we’re made to work is to do the work that God would have us do to help the world flourish.

“Apart from doing that kind of work, we’re not fully human; we’re not living the lives that God meant us to live,” she told Faith and Leadership earlier this year.

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