via EEWMagazine-Rebecca Johnson: Have you ever felt like you weren’t flourishing in your purpose and began to question whether God even called you in the first place? If so, Dr. Tony Evans has some words of wisdom for you. “You cannot confuse purpose with scope,” said the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in […]

Cudell Rec. Center surveillance pictures from Nov. 22, 2014. (Source: City of Cleveland) A group of civil rights leaders, activists and clergy held a news conference Tuesday on the steps of the Justice Center to announce they’ve filed a number of citizens affidavits for probable cause in the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. Tamir was […]


  *Rev. Al Sharpton and community leaders in NYC are set to meet with Mark Lee. Lee is the CEO of Barneys New York. According…

    Movement Day, the brainchild of New York City Leadership Center and Redeemer City-to-City, seeks to bring Christian leaders to inspire and challenge one other as they figure out how to live life and lead in an urban context. The Christian Post is highlighting five leaders, who will be presenting at the conference in […]

The truth is, the vast majority of church “worship leaders” aren’t worship leaders at all. They’re simply musicians playing what are called “worship songs” from popular artists who write that sort of thing. The music is fine, and I have no argument with that, but a real worship service should be a lot more than simply a concert. Watch […]

  Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing released a new book this week that contains stories about Billy Graham as told by politicians, celebrities and religious leaders who were impacted by the evangelist and his message The book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me: 101 Inspiring Personal Stories from Presidents, Pastors, Performers, […]

TheGrio.com, a division of NBC News, today announced the results of “TheGrio’s 2011 African-American Leadership Survey” in commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  The web-enabled poll, designed by Princeton University professor Melissa Harris-Perry, was completed by a group of contemporary academics, artists and activists. As part of the survey, the assembled jury evaluated the […]