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An ongoing debate among rich folk and celebs since the beginning of time, watching Greg and NeNe Leakes duke it out on national TV has some of us picking sides. And thanks to her BRAVO show, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, viewers have weighed in on whether or not it’s ‘fair’ for NeNe to force her fiance(whom she’s now married to) to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Recently, the ‘VERY Rich’ NeNe and Greg visited the Arsenio Hall Show giving their take on why it was(according to NeNe) and wasn’t (according to Greg) very necessary. If you’re too lazy to press play ( you don’t wanna be caught watching a video at work or in class), check out the conversation below.


If you were my baby sister, and he wouldn’t sign the prenup, I would say ‘Move On, Move On!’ I like when Cynthia’s husband said, ‘You sign it if you don’t want nothing but the woman. Now, why are you apprehensive to signing that?


I’m apprehensive because we are NOT gonna need it! We’re never divorcing again. We don’t need a prenup

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