Gospel star Marvin Sapp is making a list and checking it twice! Here he lands–not exactly on your rooftop–but he’s got a worthwhile musical gift just in time for the holidays with a new CD titled Christmas Card.

“It’s definitely different from what people are used to hearing me do,” Marvin told Sister 2 Sister. “It’s a little more contemporary like a Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight or Luther Vandross type of record. It’s different because people are used to hearing me do churchy…and this time I’m doing a whole lot of singing.”

The first single finds Marvin with soulful singer Joe. Together, they sing “Home for Christmas.” Marvin was at Sony Music offices, where he played “Home for Christmas” with only him doing all the vocals. “I said, ‘This sounds like a Joe track!’” As fate would have it, Joe’s manager, Kedar Massenburg, just happened to walk by! “I told Kedar that I don’t believe in mistakes. I think that everything is Godly orchestrated and I really want Joe to sing with me on this record, and the next thing I know it was all set up and done within three days.”

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