It’s one of the areas premier programs for providing food to shut-ins and the Rocky River Meals on Wheels program cannot be slowed down by the cold weather.

The day certainly starts off warm enough, in the kitchen at the Our Savior Rocky River Lutheran Church as volunteers put the meals together.

Then reality hits for the volunteers who make the deliveries, people like Jud Godfrey, who steps out into the cold loaded down with meals that will taken to five homes.

As Godfrey steps out into a 9 degree day the bitter cold hits him, “I can deal with the snow, I don’t mind that, but the bitter cold can get kind of nasty.”

It was bright and sunny, but the sunshine was a tease as the wind whipped and made it feel as if it was below zero.

“If my wife saw me now she’d ask why I don’t have my gloves on but it’s just sometimes easier to get things done without the gloves,” Godfrey said as he made his way to his first stop.

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