Tia Mowry-Hardwick is much more than just a famous twin. The actress, author, mom, and now businesswoman, was already busy with television shows and family before embarking on a quest to help mothers live healthier. We sat down with Tia to learn her secrets to being healthy mom

BDO: How does it feel being a mom and what is that you have learned so far?

TM: Being a mom is incredible. An incredible amount of love is shared when being a mom. Incredible highs as well. I can honestly say that I’ve been blessed to look after an amazing human being. Just seeing my child grow is a 24-hour job. You learn through experience, trial and error.  Learning how to multitask, applaud and forgive yourself when you need to and make adjustments when you need to.  I would not trade it for world.

BDO: How many hats do you wear and how difficult or easy is it to wear them all?

TM: Mom, wife, entrepreneur, producer, sister, writer–I wear so many hats! But just because you are a mother, doesn’t mean you have to give up parts of your personality. Women have all different pieces of the pie and have to prioritize those pieces.  Sometimes you’ll spend more time on certain things and that’s okay. Balancing each hat is a combination of my incredible support system, family and  learning to remain true to who I am.

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