There are certain habits that every man needs to do to stay healthy and energetic.

1. Watch Your Diet

Eating right most of the time is an essential part of taking care of yourself – no matter how much you work out, you can’t maintain a healthy weight unless you stick to a healthy diet. So be sure to satisfy your appetite with good-for-you foods, and make an effort to keep an eye on calories.

Men are often surprised that even though they are exercising four days a week, they still need to eat well.

  • You at three meals a day
  • Portion control is the key

2. Stress Less

Stress. It can wreak havoc on your sex drive, increase your blood pressure and overwork your heart. That’s dangerous. In a 2011 study, middle-aged and older men who reported years of moderate to high levels of stress were more than 40% more likely to die than men with low stress. Unfortunately, as every man knows, there’s a lot to stress over. Long hours and work-related travel can translate into tension at home. In addition, it can lead to unhealthy behaviors, like eating too much or drinking more than usual. Over time, you increase your risk of weight gain, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

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