Katy Perry is currently the highest-profile pastor’s kid (PK) that has walked away from her faith. In a recent interview, she said she is no longer a Christian and doesn’t believe in heavenhell or “an old man sitting on a throne.”

Perry represents a host of PKs who have struggled with their faith. Recent stats from Barna Group research says that:

  • 40 percent have gone through a period where they significantly questioned their faith
  • 33 percent are no longer active in church
  • 7 percent no longer consider themselves a Christian

What causes this? Pastors who were asked answered:

  • Unrealistic expectations were placed on them (28 percent)
  • Negative experiences in church (18 percent)
  • Father or mother were too busy at church to spend time with them (17 percent)
  • Faith not modeled at home (14 percent)

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