According to a news study by WalletHub.. Ohio is one of the top ten most generous states of 2019. Ohio ranked number five out of ten states based on charitable behavior, volunteer rates and donations CLICK HERE to read story

Cleveland has been ranked the second most stressful city to raise a family in in a recent study released by WalletHub. The study looked at divorce rates, percentage of single parents and the general well-being index to determine the stress level of families in each city. Cleveland, which has the number one highest divorce rate […]

As part of Radio One, Inc.’s efforts to understand the influence of the incidents involving police that occurred in the early summer of 2016, the companies of Radio One, including TV One, Interactive One, Reach Media and One Solution engaged Edison Research of Somerville, NJ to conduct a survey to measure attitudes and opinions about […]

Cleveland’s Community Relations Board is asking residents to respond to a 27 question survey about the Cleveland police use of force policy. The survey which can be taken on-line is also being distributed through a chain of emails that are being sent out by community groups, block watch organizations and neighborhood leaders. Blaine Griffin with […]

Cleveland Browns fans are known for their passion and die-hard ways, and researchers at WalletHub say the numbers don’t lie. Cleveland ranked 28th in WalletHub’s list of the best and worst football cities in America. Green Bay, Wisconsin ranked No. 1 overall, followed by Clemson, South Carolina and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. WalletHub compared 245 of the largest U.S. cities […]

  The landscape for contemporary Christian and Gospel music in 2015 had many highlights, with plenty of familiar names such as Chris Tomlin, Hillsong United,Tasha Cobbs, who made nice career strides and new artists such as Lauren Daigle and Casey J breaking through in a very big way. Australian worship music collective Hillsong United finishes 2015 as the top Christian artist, […]

The majority of Black Americans sympathize more with Israel in the ongoing conflict in the Middle East than with Palestine. That’s according to a recent…

Katy Perry is currently the highest-profile pastor’s kid (PK) that has walked away from her faith. In a recent interview, she said she is no longer a Christian and doesn’t believe in heaven, hell or “an old man sitting on a throne.” Perry represents a host of PKs who have struggled with their faith. Recent stats from Barna Group research says […]

  Tennessee is the home of America’s most Bible-minded city for the second consecutive year, according to new rankings from the American Bible Society. Chattanooga jumped two places since last year to take over the top spot in the rankings, according to a press release. The title was previously held by Knoxville, which is now ranked 10th […]

  People who regularly visit a place of worship are less likely to get involved in low level crime and delinquency, according to new research. A survey from Manchester University found a direct correlation between higher visits to religious places and lower crime figures, especially in relation to shoplifting, drug use and music piracy. Researchers […]

    Southern Baptist churches hold 24 spots among the 100 fastest-growing and 100 largest churches in the U.S., according to Outreach magazine lists drawn from LifeWay Research data. NewSpring Church in Anderson, S.C., tops SBC churches in both categories, ranking as the second fastest-growing and the fourth largest church in the nation among all […]

With one study ruling out lack of exercise as a leading cause of obesity among African-Americans, new research from Dartmouth’s Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (iQBS) and the Center for Genomic Medicine may off some clues as to why obesity rates in the black community continue to soar.   According to a study of more […]