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The City says new red light and speed on green photo enforcement cameras have been placed at the intersections listed below and will become operational on March 28.

Warning notices may be issued to motorists beginning on March 14.

City law requires notification to the general public must be made at least 30 days in advance before a camera is made fully operational and is used to issue traffic tickets to offenders.

The new locations for the photo enforcement sites are:

  • St. Clair Avenue at E. 105th St
  • St. Clair Avenue at E. 152nd St
  • Woodland Avenue at E. 30th St
  • Lorain Avenue at W. 65th St
  • Stokes Boulevard at Cedar
  • Woodland Avenue at E. 55th St

These photo enforcement sites were added following the approval of the Automated Photo Enforcement contract by Cleveland City Council.


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