When your faith becomes stronger, it’s amazing the effect it can have on your way of looking at and doing things in life. From watching what you say and the image you put out there of yourself, once you’re born-again, (for many people) you are a new person. These famous folks changed their lives, changed their music, and in many cases, stepped away from the entertainment industry altogether to focus on getting closer to God.


While Chris Tucker never officially disappeared, he decided to start working every once in blue moon despite being on a hot streak in the mid-to late ’90s. The only work he would do for a good decade was the Rush Hour franchise, though he did take a role in the Academy Award-nominated film Silver Linings Playbook in 2012. Despite being the most-loved sidekick to Ice Cube’s Craig in the Friday franchise, Tucker wouldn’t sign on for the sequels to play Smokey because he had become a born-again Christian after doing the film Money Talks and no longer approved of the character.




I had the biggest crush on Mase after that Harlem World album came out in 1997. Who didn’t? But by 1999, Mase was having a change of heart about the whole rap thing. After releasing his sophomore album, Double Up, Mase revealed to Funkmaster Flex that he was retiring from the rap game to pursue a calling from God. He went on to become a pastor, and did that until 2012 as pastor and founder of El Elyon International Church and Mason Betha Ministries. Once he decided to return to rap, he says he realized that he might have jumped the gun trying to be a pastor so soon, but his faith is still strong:

I didn’t give myself any room to grow, I went from one extreme to another extreme, I was just so gung ho about what I was learning, that’s all I wanted.”I went so hard in one direction that people had things to say and rightfully so,” Betha told Flex. “I don’t blame them for that [but] it’s been 13 years, let’s move on.

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