Managing natural hair is all about trial and error. You will make mistakes in your journey and it can take time to really get the hang of your natural hair’s needs. But there are a few common mistakes that are easily preventable. Check them out to save yourself from learning the hard way!

Skipping much needed trims

Skipping trims is the most frequent mistake naturals make. For some reason women have some kind of trim phobia, but you should be scared of not getting one. It’s pretty simple, going without a trim will cause your hair to split to the point you have no choice but to cut significant inches off your length. Don’t make the same mistake so many have in the past. Pay close attention to your ends and trim when needed.

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Half detangling hair  

Many naturals hate the detangling process. It’s not fun, but it has to be done. Letting your hair go weeks without thoroughly detangling will only make you crazy and want to chop off all your hair in the end. Take your time and make the time to go through your hair to gets knots and tangles out using fingers or a comb and a good leave-in detangle conditioner. I suggest Kinky Curly Knot Today or Koils by Nature Shealoe.

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Doing hair too often

Doing your hair too often is not good. You want to have as little manipulation on your hair as possible. This is why protective styling is so great. It allows your hair to be up and a way for days or weeks without having to touch it. Doing your hair every single day can definitely lead to more breakage, so be mindful.

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Leaving hair in protective style too long

Protective styling is great, but if left in too long it can be a disaster. If you leave a style in too long, your hair could start to dread making it almost impossible to detangle. This also includes buns. You never want to leave your hair pulled up for too long, as this will eventually cause breakage not only to your strands, but edges, too.

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Sleeping without satin cap

You can take care of your hair all day long, but if you go to sleep without proper protection it would be a waste. Sometimes we forget to cover our hair with a satin scarf or cap, but this is essential. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases and sheets will wreak havoc on your hair. Also, invest in silk bedding.  If you don’t like to wear caps or scarves this is a great solution.

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