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Statistics say 80 percent of evangelical Christians, 18-29, have had sex. While many strive to transform their lives after going against biblical standards for sexuality, those soul ties make it difficult to do so.

In a Sunday, March 23 sermon at One Church LA, Christian minister DeVon Franklin, 44, told congregants he could relate to the struggle of breaking free.

“I’ve been there done that. [I’ve] got the t-shirt and the hat,” he said.

Although the preacher abstained from sex during his courtship with now wife, actress Meagan Good, he did not always “flee fornication” as 1 Corinthians 6:18 instructs.

In a message titled, “I Wanna Be Free,” the Hollywood movie executive drew from personal experience to explain the difficulty of avoiding the rekindling of old sexual habits and bad relationships, and also, to highlight the solution.

“Many of you are chained. You’re attached to other people because there was a decision that was made to do something with that person that was against what the word has required you to do, because in the moment, you wanted the fulfillment,” he said.

Christian couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good remained abstinent until marriage (Credit: GETTY)

“You weren’t concerned about the overall destiny. You just wanted the desire of the day and because you chose desire over destiny, a chain was created that has not yet been broken,”

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