Cupcake lovers lined-up for a sweet surprise on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Sprinkles Cupcakes has opened a cupcake dispenser that works like an ATM. Simply swipe your plastic, pick your preference, and seconds later out pops at treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. The cupcake dispenser is available to indulge you cravings 24 hours a day.

More and more businesses have been experimenting with selling fresh food from machines. In fact BuzzFeed reports there are “24 vending machines you won’t believe exist.” You can get live crabs in China, caviar in Los Angeles, lettuce in Japan, Pizza in Europe, and mashed potatoes in Singapore — all from vending machines.

NY Daily News reports the company has ATMs in several other cities including Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

The sweet treats are $4.25 each.

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