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The congregation of one of the oldest church’s in Cleveland is taking a stance against senseless acts.

The Pentecostal Church of Christ, founded in Cleveland in 1935, is now in the business of fighting crime. The congregation unveiled a new movement Sunday March 30 called, “Stop the Violence.”

Congregation member Natasha Watts says the program will be effective.

“This is a new role for the church! Yes it is,” Watts told our Blake Chenault.

The program encourages people with information about a crime to speak up and come forward. The church is the safest place they could be able to come to and disclose information. “Stop the Violence” also provides support to the victim’s families.

Yvonne Pointer’s daughter was raped and murdered back in 1984. The murder went unsolved for 29 long years. Pointer’s presence at the church on Sunday, March 30 gave hope to others who are suffering and experiencing grief.

She offered and reaffirmed, “There is life after death, you can make it.”

Other guests of the event included the family of Stephen Halton. He was killed in January while making his way to work leaving behind his wife and two children.

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