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Mother’s Day is about moms, but it’s also about all the women who played roles in our lives. If you’re Black, especially, chances are your grandmother, your godmother, your aunties…your mama’s special friend…or someone else …had a hand in bringing you up.

For me,  it was my Aunt Nettie. I wrote about her and my mom, Buddy, in Chapter 9 of my book, I’m Just A DJ But…It Makes Sense to Me. Since Mother’s Day is Sunday, I thought this would be a good time to share an excerpt.

The women in my life gave me my first lesson in unconditional love. Nettie baked an apple pie like no one else in the world. If you think you can top her, I’m willing to give your apple pie a try. My sister-in-law Danita thinks she has finally gotten it down and I have to admit I told her that she had it. But although it’s real close, it isn’t Nettie’s.

With my daddy, things were black or white. When I was good, I was rewarded and when I was bad, I got a beating. But whether I was good or bad, Nettie’s love and apple pie were there for me.

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