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We should honor our moms every day. But since we “officially” get one day out of the year to recognize the woman who changed our diapers, wiped our noses, kissed our skinned knees, sat in the front row of our games, watched us go on our first date, celebrated our wedding day and maybe even watched us have a child of our own, let’s put a little extra effort into it.

Here are 4 meaningful ways to honor your mother on Mother’s Day:

1. Write her a handwritten letter. It’s much too easy to take for granted all the sacrifices our moms made for us over the years. But once you become a parent, you begin to understand the fears, the efforts and the struggles that come with raising kids. So take time to write your mom a letter, thanking her in specific ways and using specific examples of how she provided for you and loved you through your best days and your worst. Also, be sure to share with her the ways you admire certain aspects of her character so that she feels loved. You should also write the same kind of note to your wife/children’s mother and help your younger kids write a letter to her too.

2. Make her a photo album. It’s a wonderful way for you to remind your mom, as well as your children’s mom, of all the memories you’ve made together over the years. Collecting pictures into a photo album or scrapbook is an awesome opportunity for you to reminisce on all the family road trips and vacations as well as all the holidays and birthdays celebrated. Your kids can join in to create the album for their mom and grandmother.

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