It may be dangerous but you can walk across the street and chat. But the street signs tell the story as you drive into Shaker, get off the phone. Using your cell phone while driving, is now illegal in the city. But some there don’t see the cell phone crackdown as necessary.

“If you’re speaking on the phone I don’t see why you can’t focus while driving when you’ve got the phone as well so I don’t know why they’re doing that,” said Leo Torres.

Shaker Heights City Council Members voted to ban the use of hand-held cell phones to talk or text while driving this past February.

After three months of warnings, today police will be handing out tickets.

“I don’t talk on my phone at all in my car because my mom don’t like that she takes my phone when I’m In the car, like you’re not allowed to use your phone at all,” said Mercedes Quarles.

But at a stop at a Memorial Day lemonade stand in Shaker the thought was safety should come first…

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