viamadamenoire: Lori Harvey was allegedly arrested for a hit and run, OK magazine reports. The 22-year-old daughter of media mogul Steve Harvey was reportedly involved in a car accident when her Mercedes SUV slammed into another vehicle, flipping her car over. She was allegedly texting and driving. The other driver helped the model out of the wrecked car, […]

Studies show it’s a deadly time of year for teen drivers. In northeast Ohio, several teens have died in the past two and a half weeks. According to AAA, research shows that the 100 Deadliest Days for teen drivers fall between Memorial Day and Labor Day. On May 21, Lindsey Rotuno, 17, from Grafton, died […]

It’s been four years since Cleveland City Council first heard about a proposal to ban drivers from talking on hand-held cell phones in city limits. The city has already passed a ban on texting and driving, which Ohio later banned statewide. Cleveland City Councilman Zach Reed is sponsoring the bill. “You know what this piece […]

Secret Service agents have one of the toughest jobs in Washington: They are expected, if necessary, to put their lives on the line in the protection of the President and his family. They’ve also had to teach a teen to drive. First lady Michelle Obama revealed this week that her older daughter, 16-year-old Malia, was […]

  Brock Dietrich thinks about what his daughter should be doing all the time. She should be getting ready to graduate from high school this spring. She should be preparing for business school and looking forward to owning a hair salon someday. However his daughter, Sydnee Williams, won’t go on to accomplish these things since […]

  Last weekend was brutal for thousands of drivers across Northeast Ohio as snow squalls whipped across the roadways creating dangerous white out conditions. Brutally cold temperatures with the wind chills between 20 and 30 below added to the crisis mode for anybody forced out of their car or truck because of an accident or […]

  Severe weather can be both frightening and dangerous for automobile travel. Motorists should know the safety rules for dealing with winter road emergencies. AAA reminds motorists to be cautious while driving in adverse weather. For more information on winter driving, the association offers the How to Go on Ice and Snow brochure, available through most […]

  Mother Nature is back in her wintry mood. But do you know what you’re supposed to do if your vehicle starts sliding? What should you do with your headlights in a winter storm? What should you be checking under the hood before braving a snowy drive? AAA has all those answers and many more […]

It’s nothing worse than something out of the norm going on while your trying to learn how to drive. But I’m sure we’ve all been…

  Millions of dollars are spent on campaigns to warn people of the dangers of texting and driving. But not everyone who needs to hear the message is listening. Danita Harris spent a day with the Ohio State Highway Patrol to see who is the worst offender of texting and driving. There are  thousands of […]

  It may be dangerous but you can walk across the street and chat. But the street signs tell the story as you drive into Shaker, get off the phone. Using your cell phone while driving, is now illegal in the city. But some there don’t see the cell phone crackdown as necessary. “If you’re speaking on […]

  Watch out, Washington! Malia Obama will start driving this summer, first lady Michelle Obama warned. Mrs. Obama commented on the 15-year-old’s milestone in an interview with “Access Hollywood,” jokingly adding, “Look out!” Malia turns 16 on the Fourth of July, making her eligible for a learner’s permit in the District. The first lady also […]