*Charlie Wilson had overcame a lot during his life and career.

He battled drug addiction and homelessness in the 1990s and recently, he fought cancer.

But no matter what life threw at him, he triumphed in his life and career.

Now back on his a-game with many Grammy nominations and close musical relationships with the industry’s best, he dished about his upcoming music and in his personal life, he talked about raising cancer awareness with The Huffington Post.

Wilson mixed his career with his personal life — anchoring the intro of Lupe Fiasco‘s “Mission,” which raises cancer awareness.

“I’ve been battling cancer since 2008, so it was the perfect scenario. And I’m so happy that Lupe is addressing the issue, because the younger generation think they’re untouchable. They don’t think the diseases can get them,” he said. “And so it’s a great thing that he comes out and he’s connected with some people [who are] really dealing with this issue … I’ve been talking about my cancer since 2008.”

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