Underage drinking is an American epidemic. Statistics show that nearly three quarters of students (72%) have consumed alcohol by the end of high school.

This trend welcomes mischief, crimes and sad incidents like the one 16-year-old sexual assault victim Jada endured when a peer spiked her drink.

The Houston girl whose sexual assault went viral on social media is speaking out about the incident fueled by underage drinking at a party.

When what she was sipping on was apparently drugged, her victimizer raped her, photographed pictures of her exposed body, and posted them online.

“I woke up without any memory of what happened,” Jada told MSNBC’s Roland Farrow in an interview.” After that, I went home and realized that my underwear was on backwards, and I called and asked ‘what happened,’ and I had a bruise under my eye.”

What happened was more horrific than she could have imagined.

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