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Social media can be a great way to connect with your fans. It can help build your brand and keep you connected with the millions who love you. Just ask Rihanna. But some celebrities draw the line between letting folks all the way into their lives as opposed to allowing some things to be seen, while others are kept private. (See: Beyonce.)

Erica Campbell may have realized that social media isn’t the best place to share your personal feelings about your relationship with your husband. She posted her husband, producer Warryn Campbell with a few hashtags that had people’s eyebrows raised.

Already controversial in the Christian community for their blend of secular and spiritual music, as well as the personal things they’ve detailed on their popular WeTV reality show Mary Mary, Erica and her sister Tina are used to weathering the pushback from their more conservative fans. But did Erica go too far this time or is what she’s saying about her husband just fine in a Christian union?

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