Ricky Dillard is an award winning choral master, recording artist, producer and songwriter.

Ricky Dillard is opening up about how he has coped with an inflammatory disease called sarcoidosis.

Dillard and his New Generation Chorale, known as New G, have been making waves in the gospel music industry for 25 years. Dillard & New G have dominated Billboard Gospel charts with the single “Amazing” and the choral master recently revealed how he has dominated his disease after sharing his diagnosis in 2013.

“Since I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and was treated, I haven’t experienced any health issues whatsoever. So, I credit the victory at this juncture to the grace of God,” Dillard told Rolling Out magazine recently. “I was treated for 3-4 months after my diagnosis and I have been 100 percent healthy ever since. I thank God for the discovery of what was afflicting me and the treatment I received.”

Dillard added, “by His stripes I am now healed!”

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