via BlackDoctor: Sarcoidosis has touched the lives of prominent figures like Bernie Mac and Tisha Campbell Martin among others. What many don’t know is that until recently, this disease was very rare but has since become one of the most prominent diseases among blacks. In the United States, sarcoidosis is more prevalent among African-Americans, […]

via: Sarcoidosis is a disease of unknown origin that causes the immune system to overreact, leading to lung damage, skin rashes and other organ damage. This once rare disease now affects 200,000 peoplein the United States. “The cause or causes of sarcoidosis are not clear, but most experts agree that sarcoidosis is caused by an environmental […]

(PHOTO: DEREK BLANKS) Ricky Dillard is an award winning choral master, recording artist, producer and songwriter. Ricky Dillard is opening up about how he has coped with an inflammatory disease called sarcoidosis. Dillard and his New Generation Chorale, known as New G, have been making waves in the gospel music industry for 25 years. Dillard […]

  While it isn’t nearly as recognizable as its cancerous kin, the lung disease sarcoidosis has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, a new study has found. In fact, researchers from the Department of Radiology at the Ohio State University College of Medicine say that rates of the disease — which causes tiny clumps of […]

The Bernie Mac Foundation launches a new website and music series. The BMF Jazz and Soul Sessions Series fundraiser was created because of Mac’s love of Jazz and Soul music. The foundation headed by his wife Rhonda and daughter Je’Niece has quite a unique way to feature artists for the event. They’ve taken Bernie’s IPOD […]

“Thank you, everyone, for your concern,” says Tisha Campbell Martin in reference to swirling rumors about her dying from the same disease that contributed to the death of comedian/actorBernie Mac.