Last weekend was brutal for thousands of drivers across Northeast Ohio as snow squalls whipped across the roadways creating dangerous white out conditions. Brutally cold temperatures with the wind chills between 20 and 30 below added to the crisis mode for anybody forced out of their car or truck because of an accident or breakdown.

Safety experts like Sgt. Tina Jackson at the Ohio State Highway Patrol post in Medina know that many drivers face very difficult choices. Channel 3’s Mike O’Mara asked Sgt. Jackson what she recommended for drivers coping with blizzard like conditions.

“In a whiteout, the best choice is to get off at the next exit ramp and find someplace safe,” said Jackson. She added, “However if you absolutely can’t get off the highway, then pull over as far as you can to the right berm, possibly as far off the road as you can.” If the driver’s car gets stuck or breaks down, Sgt. Jackson said it was best for the motorist to stay inside the car.

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