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So if we are being honest Gabrielle Union is stunning and her skin is gorgeous! The Being Mary Jane star, 41,  seems to only get better looking with age. She has very specific beauty guidelines that she follows and it seems to be working wonders for her.

1. Wear sunscreen 

Gabrielle Union simply doesn’t believe in the resistance to use of SPF. It keeps her skin looking and feeling young, not to mention healthy! To even show her commitment to the necessary usage of sunscreen, Union took part in Neutrogena’s Buy 1 Donate 1 campaign by passing out SPF lotions to those in need. She says, “A lot of women of color do not think that we are at risk. We believe that our melanin is built-in protection and we are good to go from birth. That’s not the case. Our moles can change shape and be cancerous as well.”

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