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Preachers who jump on the reality TV bandwagon say they do it for the love of ministry, but the networks

definitely do it for the love of money.

EEW Magazine has confirmed that “Preachers of Atlanta,” the third installment of the popular franchise, is

coming to Oxygen Media.

The network, with a goal to increase original programming by 25 percent in an effort to target female millennials,

which is the 18-34 demographic, is digging back into its faithful bag of tricks.

And the church, is more than willing to play the game, as Atlanta pastors head to the small screen the way those in

Detroit and LA have already done.

NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment has confirmed that the new Atlanta reality show will document the lives of

the city’s young elite mega pastors. Cameras will follow along as they focus on daily struggles and triumphs as

husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and friends, while also maintaining their duties as men and women of God.

Big name and controversial leaders like Creflo Dollar and Eddie Long reside in The ATL, but, according to

executives, the focus is on “a new generation of up-and-coming preachers.”

So far, there is no word on which specific cast members will appear on the show which is produced by L. Plummer

Media in association with Relevé Entertainment with Lemuel Plummer, Holly Carter, Chris Costine and Mark

Scheibal serving as Executive Producers, the docu series.

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