*The Lifetime Network approached me about their upcoming docu-series “Preach,” produced by Core Media Group and slated to air on the network Friday, June 5th at 10:00 pm, EST/PT. “Preach” features four women prophets called by God to do his work on earth.  These prophetesses are Belinda Scott, Taketa Williams, Linda Rourk and Kelly Crews.

Belinda Scott hails from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Belinda gives council to celebrities and politicians throughout the country and specializes in child birth and blessing the wombs of barren women.  She also has a protégé who grew up Muslim but converted to Christianity.

Linda Rourk is from Trenton, Ohio.  An evangelist, pastor, co-pastor and mother of two, she came into her prophesy ministry 15 years ago.  Rourk works with the homeless and the drug addicted, feeding the communities she works with both spiritually and physically.  She is known for her timid personality yet fiery style of preaching that gets her congregation to their feet.

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