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Here are six women & men Christians should avoid dating or, most certainly,

considering for marriage. Before a man dates any woman, be as sure as you can that she’s been born again and has shown fruits of conversion (John 15). Dating can often lead to marriage, but no marriage is always better than a bad one because it could lead to a potential divorce, and God never intended for a man and a woman to divorce, but to marry until death do they part.

1). A Woman Who Doesn’t Believe

2). Women Who Don’t Put God First

3). Women Who Don’t Like Children

4). Women Who Don’t Pray Women

5). Who Speak Ill of Their Parents

6). Women With Warning Signs


  Here are six types of men that you should avoid in having a friendship or a relationship with:

1). Men Who Don’t Put God First

2). Men Who Are Consumed with Hobbies

3). Men Who Mistreat Their Mother

4). Men Who Only Care About Themselves

5). Men Who Treat Animals Harshly

6). How is He around Children?

So women don’t get so caught up in his looks, muscles, degree,career,accolades,and worldly success that you neglect the most important qualities in a Godly man. How is his prayer life,relationship with God,and vision looking?

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