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Article By Alexa Adams:: EEW Magazine News

Don’t mess with Sarah Jakes Roberts when she’s hungry.

Bishop T.D. Jakes’ oldest daughter let an Instagram commenter have it for doing what she called “spewing poison.”

“I really try to hold my tongue, but then that one person catches me on an empty stomach and all I have is truth,” Jakes Roberts said.

So what happened?

It all began when the One Church International first lady posted a photo of herself wearing a fashionable, tasteful and “comfy” outfit, only to be met with criticism.

A woman named Michelle Jackson said, “Beautiful outfit, but Lord Jesus these ‘Christians’ and their attire! The world is going to hell in a hand basket and every time I turn around, ‘Christians’ aren’t using social media to tell the world about a Savior.”

Jackson continued, “They are using it mostly from a carnal stand point. Hmmm, ‘clothes’ or ‘lives?’ I wonder which one does the Lord care more about us touching. You have a huge platform and THE WORLD is definitely watching. Be blessed.”

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