There are countless myths and stigmas that surround depression in the Black community–particularly Black women. Myths surrounding the “strong Black women” can create needless pain and confusion, and can ultimately keep people from getting proper treatment. Strong Black women are supposed to 1.) have their own, 2.) not depend on anyone else for anything, 3.) be able to do others and for themselves without showing weakness, etc right? The following statements reflect some common misconceptions about African Americans and depression:

“If our people could make it through slavery, we can make it through anything.”

“When a black woman suffers from a mental disorder, the opinion is that she is weak. And weakness in black women is intolerable.”

“You should take your troubles to Jesus, not some stranger/psychiatrist.”

“You’re too strong of a Black woman to be feeling this way. Ge over yourself.”

The truth is, people with depression can’t just “snap out of it.

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