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Going to the salon to color your hair can come at a hefty cost and can also be time consuming. Don’t even mention the routine maintenance! If you have the patience and are willing to try it out, there are some pretty decent hair coloring systems that you can buy from your local beauty supply.  Quite often they have the same results. A few tips to remember when coloring your hair at home:

1. Blond is best done in a salon! If you’ve ever wanted that “Beyonce blonde” hair, this my friend is a shade of blonde you will want to let your stylist take care of. It’s best to try and only go two shades darker or lighter with a DIY hair coloring system. The mixutres are pretty straight forward and don’t allow much tweaking so the user has no control over the volume levels. In the name of NOT damaging your hair or ending up with pumpkin orange strands, play it safe. For a more dramatic change, leave it to the professionals.

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