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“After 21 Days” is both the title of one of Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.’s most emotional sermons and a self-assessment of where he is following the worst season of his life! Most would dare to be so transparent during such a trying time! I’m not sure why, but most love to share the awesome things of life and retreat during storms…. not the case with Dr. Smith! His mother passed on January 2, 2016 and three short weeks after laying his mother (Verlene Fields Smith) to rest, his sister Edwanna passed and he was appointed to be the eulogist!

As I begin to write this article my thoughts pondered back to standing inside of the sound booth at House Of Hope Atlanta on New Year’s Eve watching and listening to Dr. Smith preach an illustrated message entitled, “Making It On Broken Pieces”. The message was from Acts 21-27 referring to Paul’s journey from Rome. It’s quite ironic and prophetic to me how God spoke and allowed this illustration to come forth as a direct portrait of what we were about to witness this powerful leader endure.

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