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Two time Grammy Award-winner Lecrae wowed both the secular and Christian world in 2014 with his critically acclaimed studio album, Anomaly and now his upcoming book, Unashamed, is revealing some of the things he’s had to put up with while on his journey to success.

The Reach Records founder took to Facebook on Wednesday to share an excerpt from Unashamed, which is set to release in May. The lone paragraph the rapper shared features his internal dialogue as he’s being introduced by an industry executive:

“‘I want you to meet Lecrae. He’s a Christian rapper.’ ‘I know who you are,’ they would respond with a patronizing smile. ‘I’m familiar with your music.’ The awkwardness would grow, and I could almost hear their thoughts: Can I cuss around him? He is about to preach at me, or judge me if I drink this whole bottle of Cristal and stumble out of here? Maybe they don’t know if they can be fully themselves around me. Or perhaps they don’t think they would like the content of my music or the assumptions behind my music or the worldview I hold. Regardless, they don’t want to know more. From that point on, it felt awkward. It was like I was marked.”

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