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Article By Bennett Luke // EEW Magazine Faith News

58% of Americans say they pray at least once a day and 82% believe in the healing power of prayer, according to the Pew Research Center Study and Barna Research Group.

But prayer in America is changing locations from the private “prayer room” to group prayer.

In 2016, there are a record number of national events including the National Day of Prayer, World Day of Prayer, United Cry DC16, Azusa Street Revival, Rez Week, The Response, and dozens more.

“There are more large prayer gatherings in 2016 than I’ve seen in 26 years of ministry,” says David Butts, President of Harvest Prayer Ministries and Chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee. “I’ve seen waves of prayer before but in addition to filling stadiums, this year there is exceptional collaboration among diverse streams of faith.”

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