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Article By Rhonda Smith // EEW Magazine Parenting

I was a novice as evidenced by the showdown that was approaching two hours. Now let me paint the picture for you.

On one side sat my weary girlfriend and me and on the other side was Joshua, slowly huffing and puffing with his head wet from sweat and tears. He was three and refusing to allow me to spank him for refusing, after two chances, to heed my direct command by flat out saying “No!”

I was at church during business hours so after the offense I led him to a private room to spank him. I wanted to discipline him with dignity, not with his flailing arms and legs and me wailing on him through any opening I could.

He refused to comply and I refused to fight him, but my attempt to restrain Joshua seemed to mirror the fight I wanted to avoid.

With ten years more disciplining experience than I, Renee, on staff at the church, was there to help me carry out the Scriptures, but their effect seemed to be buried in the Bible. Joshua resisted my every attempt to instruct him to be obedient by gluing himself to the chair and staring at me like I was indeed the enemy.

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