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The Houston community will come together this weekend to lay to rest two parents, Antonio and Dawn Armstrong, who were allegedly murdered by their 16 year old son recently.

Dr. Earnest Pugh has been tapped to render musical selections that will help comfort the family during the ceremony.

The funeral will take place at the Windsor Village UMC Church at 6011 W. Orem Drive in Houston Texas at 11am on Saturday, August 6th. According to Pugh “When I got the call my immediate response was Lord give what’s needed to speak peace and comfort to this hurting family. After consulting with my Musical Director, Rodrick Dowling, (Minister of Music at Silverlake Church of Pearland) we settled on musical selections as fitting and proper for this occasion.”

Antonio and Dawn Armstrong, both 42, were seen by many as pillars in their community. Antonio was a former star football player at Texas A&M and played briefly in the NFL. He spent the bulk of his professional career as an entrepreneur, operating a local chain of fitness centers. Antonio was also the assistant Pastor of a Gulfton-area congregation where his mother presides. Armstrong also started putting up motivational messages on YouTube just weeks before his unfortunate passing.

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