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Have you looked in the mirror lately and decided you don’t like what you see? If so, you’re like millions

of others around the world.

If you want to overcome your body image issues, here are 7 healthy ways to just that.

Stop comparing yourself to others. When you look on Instagram, Facebook, snapchat—which are

just a few of many social media outlets—you see perfectly polished and filtered images of others. It’s

easy to compare your body (and life in general) to theirs and feel like you’re lacking. Don’t make that

mistake. As the famous Theodore Roosevelt quote aptly states, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So

stop it!

Change what you can. Don’t mourn over what you can change. Here’s what that means: If your body

image issues stem from your need to lose a few (or more than a few) pounds, then get to work on it.

Start today. If you know you can change certain things about your body by simply cleaning up your

diet and working out, go for it. Here’s some easy tips from EEW on how you can cut out sugar and

stop over-eating. We’re rooting for you! While you’re working on your fitness goals, don’t put yourself

down. You’re beautiful right now. If you don’t learn to love the right now you, you won’t love the twenty

or hundred pounds lighter you either.

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