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Sen. Tim Kaine spoke with Roland Martin during a special Tom Joyner Morning Show / NewsOne Now simulcast on Wednesday morning ahead of the third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

During Kaine’s conversation with Martin and the TJMS crew, the vice presidential hopeful addressed Donald Trump’s claims of a rigged election, calling Trump’s antics “insulting.”

“After Donald Trump has spent this campaign insulting every last group he can, at the end he is going to insult the entire democratic roots of our country,” said Kaine. “We run fair elections in this country and it makes me (mad) that the guys on that side who are so bound and determined to reduce early voting and do things to keep people from participating are all of a sudden now suggesting that they’re the victims of some vote rigging.”  

Sen. Kaine welcomed calls from both Democrats and Republicans who are pushing back against fraud, as well as corruption claims, saying Trump is “completely wrong.” He continued, Trump “knows he’s losing and he is whining in advance.”

On the subject of Clinton’s emails and WikiLeaks’ release of documents connected to the former Secretary of State, Sen. Kaine said the data dumps by the hacker group are an attempt to “de-stabilize the election in the weeks before Election Day.”

Calling the cyber attacks by Russian hackers “unprecedented,” Kaine said during Wednesday night’s debate, Clinton “will address what it means to have a foreign government trying to de-stabilize an American election.”  

He added, “If we need one more reason to turn out strong, it’s not only the difference between the candidates and the difference between their vision, but it’s to show that no foreign government can come in and try to de-stabilize our electoral process.” 

As they discussed the third and final debate between Clinton and Trump, Sen. Kaine explained the key for Hillary Clinton is in her demeanor. The vice presidential candidate expects Clinton to pick up where she left off in the second debate: “Her demeanor was presidential, was calm – even when Donald Trump was trying to rattle her.” 

NewsOne Now panelist Pastor Frederick Haynes, III of Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, asked the senator from Virginia about the millennial voter enthusiasm gap and how the Clinton camp intends to address it.

According to Sen. Kaine, the best way to appeal to millennial voters is to present the differences between the two presidential candidates on climate change, LGBT equality, equal pay for women, and college affordability. The Clinton camp is also touting how important every vote is to the outcome of the 2016 election and said millennials “can make the difference in an awful lot of these close states.”

Watch Roland Martin and Sen. Tim Kaine discuss Trump’s outlandish rigged election claims and Wednesday night’s presidential debate in the video clip above.


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