Vanity or health? Why do we struggle with this decision on a daily basis. It’s a terrible thing as black women that we constantly battle over looking our best or feeling our best. With a few tweaks to your daily hair routine you may be able to stop with the compromise and have both.

Flip That Pony, Girl!

After you break a sweat those roots are probably what cause you the most frustration. A great way to disguise this is with a sleek clean pony. Spray your hair with dry shampoo and then slick it back in a high or low ponytail.


Buns are a great style that can be taken from day to night. Those edges might look shot after an intense workout session, but all you need is some good gel or edge control and a scarf to lay it all down. Then in about 10 minutes you are ready to go with your post-workout look.

Rollers, Baby!

Nothing camouflages a rough hair day better than curls. If you do a roller set with the right mousse and setting products at the beginning of the week, you can sweat your buns off and still walk out of the gym with a cute ‘do. Sweating will actually make the style look better, as your roots will fluff out and give the style more volume.

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