via BlackDoctor: Some days, all you can do is think of excuses to skip a workout, even when you know all the reasons why you should workout. Try as you might, you can’t be perfect every day of your life! The next time you start to excuse yourself out of a workout, come back to […]

via BlackDoctor: Last week I got a phone call from a friend of mine. She asked if I wanted to meet her at the gym for a workout. Of course, I joined her and when it was time to get down to business, I asked her what she usually does to warm up. She gave […]

via BlackDoctor: Travel season has officially started for a great number of us. Spring break, summer vacation, business travel, self-discovery, whatever the reason, we’re heading out and leaving the comforts, and stresses, of our day-to-day lives to visit new places. Getaways are a form of self-care, but why not maximize your time away? No matter […]

via BlackDoctor: When Gabrielle Union isn’t taking charge on BET’s “Being Mary Jane,” running a thriving haircare business or traveling across the globe with her equally stylish hubby, basketball star Dwyane Wade, the actress is hard at work maintaining her svelte figure. “I work with a trainer for the most part. I do know how to train […]

Whoever said that gut-busting, sweaty workout has to be long was wrong! As a matter of fact, if you do it right, all your workouts can be focused, targeted and quick. Each move in this workout is done in the plank position, so your core will have to work overtime to get through this abdominal […]

  Michelle Obama recently invited her girls out for a day of exercise continuing a tradition that began at the White House. The former first lady knows that you can’t take care of others if you neglect yourself, so she’s keeping up with her fitness routine. And she’s got the arms to prove it! Obama posted […]

Vanity or health? Why do we struggle with this decision on a daily basis. It’s a terrible thing as black women that we constantly battle over looking our best or feeling our best. With a few tweaks to your daily hair routine you may be able to stop with the compromise and have both. Flip […]

Walking is a great form of exercise because you can can do it at any time, and it’s easy to include in your daily routine. Contrary to popular belief, you can get a great workout from walking. Studies show you can burn just as many calories walking as running, and reduce your risk of diabetes, […]

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There’s nothing like a mindless way of burning some calories right? Well, what if I told you that calorie’s can be burned while you do one of my favorite things – cooking! According to, being active in the kitchen can take you quite far. Apparently for every minute spent making your man or lady […]

When you’re not a workout fanatic, it can be easy to make excuses as to way you couldn’t work today or the day before that – especially when the weather isn’t favorable – but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it could all be so simple. Rochelle Boykin, a certified fitness fanatic […]

Gym or dinner? If your choice is dinner, you need these motivational tips to get your sweat on.