Many people are turning to juicing and making smoothies as a way to detox, slim down or improve their overall health. No doubt, there are a lot of good reasons to juice and make smoothies, especially if you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in your everyday meals. Before you rev up your blender or juicer, check out the questions below to find out whether juices or smoothies are the right one for you!

Watching your Weight?

Replacing a daily meal or two with a high-protein green smoothie can bring you some great results—if you do it the right way. People tend to drink smoothies in addition to eating their regular meals, but this can backfire. Depending on the ingredients, smoothies can have more calories than the average meal and two to three times as much sugar as you might get on a normal plate. To counteract this, think of that smoothie as a complete meal. Find ways to balance fruits with veggies and add some protein to get your fill for hours.

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