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Trump May Have To Be Patient About North Korea:

The United States has lost its strategic patience with North Korea. So what’s a had-it-up-to-here superpower to do to stop a pariah nation bent on putting its nuclear weapons on top of a missile that could reach America?

Tough talk, for sure. Lean on China to turn off its life support to its neighbor, for another. But for all the warnings that Trump will fix the showdown with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, it’s so far unclear whether at its foundation, his strategy is all that different from previous administrations — which for the last quarter century have failed to stop his nuclear march.
“The era of strategic patience is over,” Vice President Mike Pence told CNN’s Dana Bash during an exclusive interview on a trip to South Korea Monday.
The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson transits the Sunda Strait in Indonesia in a US Navy photo dated April 15, 2017.

USS Carl Vinson Carrier Group Expected Off Korea At End Of April:

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and its strike group will arrive off the Korean Peninsula at the end of April, multiple US defense officials tell CNN.

The carrier and its escorts left Singapore on April 8, according to a statement from the Navy’s Pacific Fleet. They were ordered to head north to the Korean Peninsula in response to North Korean provocations, defense officials told CNN at the time.
 Officials later said the strike group, including the 97,000-ton carrier and its 60-plus aircraft, the guided-missile destroyers USS Wayne E. Meyer and USS Michael Murphy and the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain would participate in naval exercises with the Australian navy south of Singapore before heading to Korea.
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Today Is Tax Day. Here’s What You Need To Know:

When it comes to filing your taxes, today is not the day to dawdle.

Tax returns are due today — April 18, 2017 — as is any remaining money you owe to Uncle Sam for 2016.

So if you still have an unpaid balance for last year, you’ll have to act fast to avoid getting penalized.

The best thing you can do is file your 2016 tax return, or at least file for an automatic six-month extension.

If you don’t do either, you’ll be hit with a failure-to-file penalty. That will amount to 5% of your unpaid taxes for every month — or part of a month — that you don’t file for up to five months. So that penalty will cap out at 25% of your unpaid taxes.

Violet-Mosse Brown, known as Aunt V, celebrates her 117th birthday in March.

There’s A New World’s Oldest Woman:

How to be the oldest person in the world? Don’t drink rum, according to 117-year-old Jamaican Violet-Mosse Brown, recently dubbed the world’s oldest human.

Brown — otherwise known as Aunt V — was born March 10, 1900, which is 67 years before Jamaica was founded. Good genes seem to run in the family; Brown’s son is 97.
Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness congratulated Brown on the achievement

According to a local Jamaican newspaper, The Gleaner, there is no secret formula to Brown’s long life. “Really and truly, when people ask what me eat and drink to live so long, I say to them that I eat everything, except pork and chicken, and I don’t drink rum and them things,” Brown told The Gleaner

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Lady Gaga Talks To Prince William About PTSD And Mental Illness:

It was a FaceTime call. Like old time friends, Lady Gaga and Prince William opened up about mental health.

In a video released Tuesday, the pop star joined the Duke of Cambridge’s Heads Together, a campaign he leads along with the Duchess and Prince Harry to raise awareness on mental illness.
The stigmas or just plain fear, they said, stops many from opening up about their feelings.
“There’s a lot of shame attached to mental illness. You feel like something it’s wrong with you,” Lady Gaga said from her kitchen in Los Angeles.

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